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Living Stones Legacy™ Mission

Our Mission at Living Stones Legacy™ is to provide a specialized service and high quality & durable product to families all over the world to assist them in honoring their loved one’s memory in their own unique and special way.

Living Stones Legacy™ Genealogy Research

Our Mission at Living Stones Legacy™ Genealogy Research is to provide great customer service and in-depth genealogy research assistance to every person desiring to know their family’s history and create and expand their Family Tree.

Our Story

Michael E. Higgs

As an avid genealogist and history buff I can attest to the importance of wanting to know more about where I came from and my lineage and heritage.

In my state we have a tradition called “Decoration Day” where the descendants of the deceased loved ones buried in a particular cemetery all come together on a set date each year to honor their memory. The event is usually accompanied with a church service and dinner on the ground. It’s a joyful time with very good food and fellowship.

I have attended many of these events over the years and I have spent a lot of time walking around talking to the other attendees about our loved ones as we placed flowers on their graves. As we continue to walk through the cemetery I have noticed the passion and desire for families to have their story be told and remembered. I thought afterwards how great it would be for families all over the world to “HONOR” their loved ones memories in some special and unique way. This is when I envisioned a way to honor our loved ones using the latest technology and by using a Smartphone. My idea became known as Living Stones Legacy herein known as “stone” or “living Stone.”